Attention: If you want to effortlessly speak Japanese because of school, your love for the language, animation films, video games, manga (Japanese comics), technology or international business, then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

Who Else Wants To Effortlessly Master Japanese Quickly And
Easily From Your Home Computer?

This is the story of one average Joe thrown into the middle of Osaka, Japan and forced to memorize 2 Japanese alphabets and 100s of vocabulary in just days... while working full time!

How did he do it? Through a no fuss, sure-fire system he created himself after classes, books and flashcard programs failed him...

YEARS are too long. The time to know Japanese is today, now. Nowadays there is so much to enjoy from Japan.

It'd be great to watch a Japanese Animation film, or cartoon, and be able to enjoy the Japanese acting rather than reading subtitles.

Or to get hired by a large international business firm- maybe even live and work in Japan

And how fun to make tons of Japanese friends!

Or order a sold-in-Japan-only video game and be able to understand and play it.

And Japanese definitely stands out on a college/university application, resume or curriculum vitae.

Besides, it's just mighty impressive to be able to tell your friends, family and attractive members of the opposite sex that you "speak Japanese".

Greetings Reader,

My name is David McGimpsey. I am a computer programmer and live in Japan.

Like you, I wanted to master Japanese as quickly and easily as possible. But really I had no choice. I'd just gotten a new job in Osaka, Japan. And needed to start communicating with coworkers ASAP.

So, I went to classes. I bought teach-yourself books. I used flashcards. The works, right?

I Studied Hard And Was On Track To Be "Fluent" ...

...Maybe In 100 Years!

My problem was memorization. I was tearing my hair out. All I could do was stare at text, that I'd spent good money on, hoping that I'd remember hundreds of words, thousands of symbols, while keeping grammar straight.

It felt like I'd NEVER find a solution.

But then I stumbled across a program that sparked my imagination. It was a flashcard system that worked like no other flashcard system I'd used before. It worked so well, it helped me to...

Memorize 2 Japanese Alphabets And
Hundreds Of Words In Days...

Yes! I'm not kidding... I did both of the above IN DAYS!

This was my ticket. I knew I'd be throwing out lingo in local pubs and grocery stores in no time. But, there was a problem…

This super-duper Japanese flashcard program was EX-PEN-SIVE!

...So, I made my own version to practice with.

I could continue to pick up Japanese amazingly fast, without it costing me an arm and a leg. And I did just that.

Here's why the flashcard system works better than the rest...

You can play with the program for an hour and potentially master 100 new words (that you won't forget).

The system is based off a design done by professionals who specialize in studying Japanese.

The flashcards have an effective, proven balance of vocabulary, Japanese alphabets, grammar and Kanji.

(Most other flashcard programs spend tons of time on one drill at a time. S-L-O-W. Kind of like typing with one finger, one key at a time vs. typing with two hands)

The game play is fast...

...And timed! This keeps your full attention at a heightened level. So you learn at your highest capacity.

Your score is tracked by the computer. So your progress can be measured.

(This is the best way to only spend time on what you need to. One of the many reasons why the program works so fast).

The program is so simple an 8-year old could use it with no problem.

You choose word lists to study from. So you can talk in Japanese about what you want or need to first. (Romance, Business Relations, Travel, Gaming, Films and so on).

But Here's The
Icing On The Cake...

I added an important feature to my own flashcard system that makes memorization even easier and like child's play.


Pictures! Pictures! Jan Tincher is a famous expert on how the brain picks up languages.

She wants all of you Japanese lovers to remember something.

The Brain Thinks in Pictures.

Proven picture learning is among the very best method for studying Japanese. Rather than trying to remember by staring at text, you make strong connections to pictures. Pictures are what your brain works with and so memorizing becomes easy.

So my flashcard system works like this...

On your computer screen you see a list of Japanese words and a picture that has an English description.

Your goal is to choose the correct Japanese word, character or sound. You find out instantly if you were right. Then move onto the next drill. Simple and fast.

You can use this program on any computer, as long as you have any version of Microsoft Windows.

The pictures can teach you Japanese and English vocabulary at the same time. It's great for everyone, no matter what language you speak, because it's based on "thinking in pictures".

Try out the "Bullet Japanese" Flashcard program and you will…

Understand Japanese effortlessly with proven "picture learning" that will lock this language in your brain.

Increase your Japanese vocabulary by the 100s in days.

Master two of the Japanese Alphabets, Hiragana and Katakana, in DAYS.

Have FUN! This program will be one of your favorite games.

Train a better brain! This program trains your brain to work at a heightened level. Which makes your brain stronger and quicker all around.

Discover how to quickly master other subjects in your life. "Learn by picture" learning teaches you how to use visuals for life.

…and there are a million opportunities for Japanese speakers.

Japanese related business opportunities. For example, the U.S.A. does more business with Japan than any other country. You're a valuable employee if you speak the language of the customer.

Japanese is among the top 10 languages on Earth. Spoken by over 130 million people.

You learn about Japanese culture. In Japan especially language has been grooved by culture. So as you study Japanese you also discover their wonderful culture.

And you step outside your culture and language and see it from a fresh, new view.

Japan practically controls both the video game and Animation industries. You can learn Japanese while enjoying an Animation or playing a video game! What other language gives you such opportunities?

"Speaks Japanese" looks great on a resume or curriculum vitae, no matter what your line of work.

Japan has a lot of great music. But you'll love it so much more because you can understand it!

And these reasons are just a drop in the bucket.

Decide To Speak Japanese Today!

I first wrote this program for personal use. Then I realized that everyone could benefit from this easy, nailed-down way to learn Japanese.

You can spend a fortune on classes, cds, text books and so on. But you simply don't have to anymore. My program is one small investment on an easy-to-use, program that will have you speaking, reading and understanding Japanese in half the time you imagined.

You can begin to master Japanese ASAP for less than the cost of two tutoring sessions. Start communicating in Japanese today for the low price of $49.95.

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
Get the program and try it out. Play with it and have fun as you implant Japanese into your brain- forever. I'm personally convinced that this visual and interactive flashcard program will have you speaking, reading and understanding Japanese in a suprisingly small amount of time.

But if you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply send me an email and I will return your investment, no questions asked. You have a full 56 days to try it out.

Bonus! As a bonus you will get free access to updated word lists and drills forever.

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Thanks for reading,

PS Would you do us both a favor? Take the effort out of speaking, reading & understanding Japanese and just make it fun and easy! I think you will be really impressed by the power of "studying with pictures" and how simple it makes remembering vocabulary and symbols.

PPS Still undecided? Have you ever heard of the "Bullet Trains" in Japan? Check this out. It takes about an hour to drive from Satsumasendai to Kagoshima City down in the southern island of Kyushu. But if you take the "Bullet Train" it only takes 10 minutes! And it's a very smooth ride. Bullet Japanese is your Bullet Train to mastering Japanese. Super fast. Super easy.

Recent testimonial:

We have a lot of Japanese clients and recently our translator left and after seeking an employee who could speak Japanese turned difficult our employer decided to buy this 1-2 bright employees and its going very well so far.

Thomas Channing from Maid2Clean Trowbridge

PPPS If you ever have any questions about using the program, I'm just an email away to help. Also through continued support through my website "" you'll always have answers to your questions and up to date product information.